Submitted by bluemagef

Hi everyone!

So, I’ve stated so many times before that i would love to do some challenge let’s plays, where I complete one post within one video on the let’s play channel. I’ve been thinking of making a weekly poll for you guys to choose from as I’ve filmed a couple of challenges and am in the process of editing them this week. So, the choices for this weeks challenge episode are:

- Play Resogun on the PS4
- Play Fez
- Recreate the same character in every game possible
- Get a ringer in Horseshoes (Red Dead Redepmtion)
- Complete a stunt plane trial without crashing (Grand Theft Auto 5)

I would love to get you guys more involved with the Gaming Bucket List, and choosing one these challenges for me to upload is a start. =)

Cheers everyone!

Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to say that the blog will be under construction this weekend, especially the games by tag page. So if you go to check out that page and it looks like a mess, that’s why.

Cheers! Have an awesome weekend!